The amazing Share it App, The fastest way To send and Recieve Files !

Share it App:- Sometimes sharing files with our friends and family via bluetooth can be such a fuss as the speeds are really slow and also the apps that are mostly there in the market have loads of ads or they want money from you, But not anymore, most likely the app we will talk about today is already there on your Android or iOS device, but if its not Lets go ahead and make you install it. And the name of this one amazing application is Share it App.

Share it App

What is Share it App?

Share it App, is a Chinese application that was released on Play Store in April 2015 And the CEO of this app is Michael Qiu.

The Share it App is the finest platform for people to share files such as Videos, Audios, Movies, Documents, game etc to each other with the help of connecting their devices together via the app itself, it mostly uses hotspot for the work but no internet is required and the best fact is that This app is Legit free to use with least ads and no charges this makes this app a lot special.

And the another great reason That is the main cause of such a high number of people use this app is the Speed of the File transferring, The files that are shared on Share it are about 200 times more faster and efficient than Bluetooth.

There are lots of other features as well, So without further ado lets talk about them:-

Features of the Ecstatic Share it App:-

Features of the Ecstatic
Features of the Ecstatic
  • Fastest App for data transfer:- Using this app is amazing as the speed of file transferring via Share it is literally 200 times more faster than any other bluetooth app in the entire world.
  • Free to use app:- This app is totally free to use with bunch of amazing features that makes it special and unique one of its kind.
  • Great and simple user interface:- The app is quite simple and easy to use, just follow the simple steps and you will be able to share files if they are near you.
  • Funny Wallpapers and Gifs also available:- For entertainment you can also download stickers and Gif’s from this app.
  • A dedicated Music as well as audio player:- No need to download any external player, as this app already has a well optimized music as well as audio player in itt.
  • Transfer literally any type of file:- You can easily transfer most types of files that are available.

User information on Share it App:-

User Rating of the app4.3/5
Total no. of installs1 BIllion +
Last date of update22 May 2020
Size of the app34 MB
Content rating3 +
required android version (playstore)4.1 and up
Current version5.4.38_ww
Offered by:-SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd


If you have a need to share files around your friends and family or colleagues then the best app that one must surely have on their devices is the Amazing Share it, as it has all that one needs and it is completely free to use, so there is nothing to lose but all to gain.