Take Advantage Of Zoom Meeting To its Fullest !

Zoom Meeting:- Zoom App, is a great free to use portal where people can have web conference meetings and video calls, this app is mostly used for Educational And Business purposes to take meetings, Webinars, Seminars and conferences.

Zoom Meeting
Zoom Meeting

In basic The Zoom Meeting App Also Known As Zoom video communications is a American Company for Video conferencing, The company is located and situated in San Jose, California. The founder of this company is Eric yuan.

Today we will learn about the features of the Zoom Meeting app and also get to know how to Take Advantages of this amazing application and how to use it to the fullest.

Features And Advantages of the One and Only Zoom Meeting Application :-

  • It is Available for Free :- The Zoom Meeting App is Free to use and people can explore its features for Free, though many institutions and Universities have taken the Premium version but for a normal user the Free version works perfectly fine.
Features And Advantages Zoom Meeting
Features And Advantages
  • Many people can Join in it :- The app supports up to 1000 Participants in a session and it is very good for taking classes And seminars to address a bigger gathering at once, which feature is no where else available in the market.
  • It has a great user interface :- This app also has a great user interface that is highly resilient and it sports a great user experience for the users and they can surely experience it to the fullest.
  • You can share the Screen in it :- Now use this app just like a Seminar in Real life and Share your screen and your contents to teach or to guide people and screen share for Free.
  • HD Video calls as well as Audio calls :- Make High Definition Calls and Also make HD audio calls here, and at a low internet usage and at a stable server.
  • Record the sessions in between :- Easily record and take a note of sessions in between and have a note of the entire session with this amazing application.
  • Now host a poll for reviewing the session :- now have the best way to know how a session went as to have a invulnerable Poll where people can vote for the session and not have the names shown on who voted how.
  • The connections are more stable and secure :- The connection of this app is pretty stable and secure.
  • And much more :- And other amazing features as well.

Cons of Using the Zoom Meeting App:-

  • An Improper Customer Support.
  • Ios app has a poor audio quality.

There are tonnes of Benefits and Advantages of Using the Zoom Meeting And they are :-

Zoom Meeting App
Zoom Meeting App
  • It provides good security to the users.
  • It has multiple advanced features which can be used by users to gain full access of the Zoom Meeting Client.
  • For the Free version people can host 40 Minute meetings with up to 100 clients which is more than just amazing for what its worth.
  • The pro plans only cost around 15 US dollars which is very cheap and it provides amazing extra features as well.