Google Meet for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC Download For Free !

Google Meet for Windows 10:- How about a free application that allows you to attend all the meetings and conferences that too on a moderate internet speed, Yes it is definitely possible and there is an amazing application for it.

which is created by none other than the best company for Tech. in the entire world, Yes, Google Inc. And the name of this rebel Application is Google Meet for Windows 10.

Google Meet for Windows 10

What is Google Meet for Windows 10?

Google Meet in very simple terms is an application where people can have video communication for free over the Internet and this application allows users to make conferences as well as meetings to a vast number of audience at a single time and the amazing perk of this app is that it is legit Free to use.

This app is quite a new version of two apps that were earlier known as google hangouts and chat as they have combined this app together to form that after google retired the hangouts in the oct. 2019.

The initial Release of Google Meet Was initially released in the year 2017. And this app is just so amazing that you can easily do video meetings to more than 200 people at a single time.

And that’s just not it, there are a number of other amazing Features that this app offers as well and they are :-

Steps on How can we Download Google Meet for Windows 10:-

 Download Google Meet for Windows 10
  1. Go to the official Website of the Nox player emulator and download in on your PC (windows 10)
  2. After downloading The nox player, Open the Google playstore.
  3. Use your Google mail account and log-in the Playstore.
  4. Search for the Google meet app and download it.
  5. Once the app is downloaded you will easily be able to run it without any hassle at all.

Features of the Google Meet for Windows 10:-

Features of Google Meet for Windows 10
  • Start Infinite HD meetings:- The google meet allows you to host numerous meetings per day without a limit and you can host High definition meetings as well, depending upon the speed of your internet connectivity.
  • Safe data:- The data on this app stays secured and there are no chances for any data breach.
  • Easy to connect for others:- people can easily connect to the server of the meeting with just one tap connectivity with the help of a link, and kaboom they will be connected.
  • And much more:- These are just a few little sparks of the Google Meet for Windows 10, And there are a lot of other amazing features as well that a person can know of , after they install this app.

Conclusion :-

In our eyes The Google Meet for Windows 10 is a good option if you have a decent internet and want to attend meetings that are well secured, encrypted and safer, this app is brought to us by Google, and we have been trusting Google thru ages, thus this app makes sure that the data is safe and at the same time we can attend all of our necessary classes and meetings.