Pest Control

Torrential rains and storms are the times when pest control for your home needs to be given maximum attention. This can preserve your family members’ health, prevent spreading of infections and diseases, keep your home clean and hygienic and protect the furniture and other household materials from getting infested by them. The services of pest damage repair are considered to be very vital for elimination and avoiding pests at the interior and exteriors of your home.

Pesticides in Pest Control for Your Home

You can definitely use the pesticides for eliminating the pests from the affected regions in your home. They can also prevent them from coming back, but only for a while. This problem increases when you are trying to remove them after a storm. Though it is a common practice these days to advice avoiding chemical based pesticides, you may be forced to use them during emergency like pests after storm.

  • Keep children, elders and people with allergic symptoms out of the spray areas. Start spraying the pesticide from the interiors of your home.
  • Keep the all the materials and utilities related to food and beverages away from the spray areas.
  • Wear protective clothes, face mask, gloves and eye protection goggles.
  • You need to use the spray sparingly. You may be able to eliminate small sized pests like cockroaches and insects with the spray. Larger sized pests may require other methods like rodenticides.
  • Wait for some time after the spraying is complete. Then you can remove all the debris from your home interiors (caused by storm) and sanitize.
  • Now you need to move to the exteriors of your home. Start with the patio or sidewalk. This part may be terribly wrecked due to the storm. You need to get rids of the pests before thinking about cleaning the wreckage as the pests can cause infectious injuries to you.

Pest Control for Your Home Garden

Your home garden could be severely affected by the attacking pests after storm. This could be due the heavy dampness and infectious environment created by the storm. Here you need to take care while using herbicides for the plans, lawn and the trees. This is where you need to be careful about the ingredients in the pesticide you use.

  • Herbicides with near zero chemical ingredients can be used to treat your garden for pest removal. In such cases you need to assess their effectiveness.
  • You can also opt for pest damage repair by using natural methods. For example you can find many plant friendly worms which can eat away the pests and fertilize the soil also. For example the earthworm is known to be used as one of the pest control agents.
  • Natural methods of avoiding pests can be repellants. You can use the vibration emitter type of electronic devices which can be installed around the exteriors of your home at regular intervals if space. Besides, you can also use repelling and killing natural agents.